[opendtv] Re: Analysis: Should Apple Buy Hollywood?

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  • Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 15:31:09 -0600

Dan Grimes wrote:

> Second, there have been attempts to aggregate common
> programming from small producers for decades and sometimes
> it works and sometimes not. For instance, several people
> over the years have tried to start a channel dedicated to
> university programming.  We usually took part in them but
> never have they succeeded.  Let's face it: there were a
> few wonderfully produced shows buried with a lot of poorly
> produced ones (actually, this sounds like the typical MVPD
> channel).  So along came internet streaming and it
> appeared that this would be the answer with no need to
> rely on a "brand" or aggregated programming.  Wrong.  It
> is just as difficult to get noticed as it has ever been.

Which is exactly why I have always questioned Craig's ideas concerning Internet 
distribution of TV content.

When MVPDs came onto the scene, did not exactly the same thing happen to the 
three major TV networks? Didn't their content become diluted by a zillion other 
cable-only channels? Of course they did. And Craig delights in posting anything 
that shows a drop in the viewership of major network content.

Well, exactly the same will happen to cable-only channels, once people use the 
Internet more than MVPDs, for TV content. Some small producers MAY get a cult 
following, others (most others) will be lost in the mob. Why would it be any 
other way?

> I can't speak for all GoogleTV appliances, but doesn't
> GoogleTV have the Google Chrome web browser built in,
> allowing the use of search engines including Google, Yahoo
> and Bing?  I know that the version of GoogleTV on the
> Logitech Revue does have Google Chrome and I have tested
> searches on all aforementioned sites without hindrance.

Are you saying you have used other search engines on the Logitech Revue, or are 
you saying you have browsed different sites?

> I thought that Google's "pairing down" was really only a
> way to make media more manageable and provide quick access,
> not to limit or hinder access.

You can't have one without the other, Dan. Just like you described what 
happened when they moved you guys from Ch 4 to Ch 70, any search engine, 
specifically designed to "make it easier" to find and view TV content, will 
have to make these same choices. Only, with potentially way many more choices 
than what MVPDs offered. So the problem is exacerbated.

It seems clear that the congloms don't want to allow some overly influential 
middleman to decide whether they survive or not. Why is this surprising? They 
made all manner of deals with MVPDs, so why should we happily stand by and 
watch, while middlemen, either in cahoots with congloms or just on their own, 
mess up the Internet in the same way?

The CE vendors THEMSELVES have it in their power to design sets, with generic 
browsers and search engines, not identifiable as "for TV only," that can be 
programmed with *each owner's* favorites and tastes. Then, if the congloms have 
problems with this, their only recourse would be to take everything off the 
Internet. Which, of course, they wouldn't want to do. Not anymore.


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