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Remember Mark's Monday Memo? (I miss those, by the way.) They seemed to show a lot of HDTV sales while they were still very expensive, while the ATSC transition had not yet occurred, and the MVPDs had very little HD content IF people subscribed to it. Sales were in the millions each week in a country that only had 4 billion people. And DVD player sales were up significantly! Or am I trying to revise history?


Number of Homes With HDTV Should Triple by 2011, Report Says
Published February 09, 2007
According to Informa Telecoms and Media, the number of homes taking the product will jump to 151 million worldwide by 2011 from 48 million at the end of 2006 when an estimated 1.2 billion households had a television.

The report said some 58 percent of HD homes were currently found in the United States and 20 percent in Japan, with Britain, Canada, China and Germany also high on the list.

Note this was 58% of all HD sales at the end of 2006, not 56% penetration in the U.S. market.

.58 x 48 million = 27.84 million, which represented about 25% of the U.S. market at the time.

This BE report from December 2010 has a number of interesting stats, including the fact that the UK had a higher percentage of HD households than the U.S., which had grown to 57% of homes by 2010.


UK leads world in HD-ready TV set uptake, says regulator
Dec 6, 2010 8:00 AM, By Phil Kurz

Uptake of HD-ready television sets in the UK has surpassed HD consumer adoption in the United States. In fact, consumers in the UK lead the world with uptake of HD-ready sets, according to a newly released report from the UK communications regulatory agency.

Ofcom, the UK equivalent of the Federal Communications Commission in the United States, released the surprising finding as part of its fifth International Communications Market report into the global communications market.

The report, which looks at characteristics, such as consumer uptake of technology, in the communications market of 17 countries, found that 59 percent of UK households have adopted HDTVs, compared with 57 percent in the United States.

However, uptake of HDTV services is lower in the UK than other countries, where subscriptions to HDTV programming services is tied to the number of available HDTV channels, the Ofcom report said.

Ofcom's comparison of uptake of HDTV services revealed:
* 44 percent of U.S. households have HDTV services, and 404 HD channels are available.
* 43 percent of Japanese households have high-def services and 130 HD channels.
* 42 percent of French households have HD services and 55 channels.
* 13 percent of UK households have HD services with 50 HD channels.

The report also found UK TV viewers are above average when it comes to how much television they watch. While U.S. viewers continue to lead the world with minutes of TV watched per day at 280, UK viewers spent 225 minutes per day, 18 minutes above the average.

So as late as 2010, only 13% of UK household had HD programming services, but they led the world in HD set penetration.

perhaps we should ask Bert how this is possible.

Oh Wait!

The UK has Freeview which delivers 576 line wide screen digital component video that now originates primarily from HD masters; just like the movies they have been watching via DVD since the late 1990's.


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