[opendtv] Re: Analysis: Should Apple Buy Hollywood?

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  • Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 09:10:41 -0800

Bert wrote:

"GoogleTV and regular old Google search engine are not the same thing. *IF*
GoogleTV did *NOT* attempt to pare down the offerings, or to organize them
in some easy to browse manner under their control, then there'd be nothing
there. Might as well use Yahoo or Webcrawler, or plain jane Google search."

I can't speak for all GoogleTV appliances, but doesn't GoogleTV have the
Google Chrome web browser built in, allowing the use of search engines
including Google, Yahoo and Bing?  I know that the version of GoogleTV on
the Logitech Revue does have Google Chrome and I have tested searches on
all aforementioned sites without hindrance.

I thought that Google's "pairing down" was really only a way to make media
more manageable and provide quick access, not to limit or hinder access.
But what do I know; perhaps more sinister things are happening at Google?

And now with the new version of GoogleTV, doesn't it work with most
Flash-based websites?  I know it works with our website.  The only media I
cannot get to on the GoogleTV is the media conglomerate's sites where they
block media streaming when trying to view standard webpages on Chrome.  One
is redirected to subscription-based sites but one can get to media without
additional cost if they have an MVPD subscription.  Did you know this Bert
and does this change your argument about GoogleTV?

What I don't know is what GoogleTV is to different devices.  I can only
speak about the functions available on the Logitech Revue.  It seems to me
that it is a very open device and the blockage comes not from Google but
from the media conglomerates.  But since I do not have an insider view of
these things, I can only speak as a user.

So what is GoogleTV like on other devices?  What functions are available?


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