[opendtv] Re: Analysis: Should Apple Buy Hollywood?

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  • Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 18:38:26 -0600

Craig Birkmaier wrote:

> But your point was that the availability of HD programming in the U.S.
> was the primary factor driving demand for HD displays. This clearly
> WAS NOT the case in the U.S. and it is absolutely clear that HD is not
> the driving force for HD displays in Europe.

Sorry, Craig, but this is, and has been, your own narrative, not necessarily 
related to reality at all. We very simply disagree.

Super VHS can provide a luminance bandwidth of 5.4 MHz, which is very, very 
close to what DVD players provide, and is quite a bit better than 4.2 MHz of 
OTA NTSC (in 6 MHz channels). DVD players provide about 5.6 MHz luminance 
bandwidth. So, very similar.

S-VHS was introduced in 1987. The DVD was introduced in 1997. Even though both 
of these schemes provide better image quality than OTA NTSC, neither of them 
resulted in HDTV sets appearing on store shelves.

The very first HDTV appeared on store shelves with the introduction of HDTV 
transmissions. You can pretend it was something else, but you'd be wrong. 
Stores that displayed HDTV sets showed HD content, not DVDs.

And sales of HDTVs did not pick up definitively until maybe 2006 and later. Or 
have you already forgotten the hand wringing when HD set sales seemed to be 
showing weak growth, in those mid 2000s? By that time, there was quite a bit of 
HD content on TV, in the US.

> The reality is that ALL forms of imagery at multiple levels of
> resolution and in multiple aspect ratios are driving the uptake of
> panel displays for a simple reason. These displays do an excellent job
> of presenting ALL forms of imagery,

True, but this is irrelevant. It has also been your narrative, but it's beside 
the point.

All you are saying is that even 480i material can be helped if the image is 
upconverted to 1080i or 720p. But that's simply a fortuitous side effect. In 
spite of what you try to push, Craig, people did not rush to stores to buy HDTV 
sets, only to watch S-VHS or DVDs. Early adopters did rush to stores to buy 
HDTV sets and 1st gen ATSC STBs, to watch HD games.


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