[opendtv] Re: Analysis: Should Apple Buy Hollywood?

  • From: dan.grimes@xxxxxxxx
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 22:57:00 -0800

Bert wrote:
"Are you saying you have used other search engines on the Logitech Revue,
or are you saying you have browsed different sites?"

I am saying I have done both.  Google Chrome, one of the applications on
the GoogleTV/Logitech Revue (can't speak about other GoogleTV appliances),
is like any other web browser.  One can go to any website including
ixquick.com, yahoo.com, google.com, etc.  (I think used Bing, too) to do a
search.  Of course, it's not an imbedded search application.

Bert wrote:
"You can't have one without the other, Dan."

Naturally.  To say otherwise would be a logical fallacy. I am not saying I
agree with the "pairing down".  But I am saying that you are not limited to
the paired down offerings; it is only part of the offerings.  Anyone can
get their "channel" onto a GoogleTV by writing an APP and putting it on the
Android market.  And with Chrome, all web pages are accessible.

Bert wrote:
"It seems clear that the congloms don't want to allow some overly
influential middleman to decide whether they survive or not. Why is this
surprising? They made all manner of deals with MVPDs, so why should we
happily stand by and watch, while middlemen, either in cahoots with
congloms or just on their own, mess up the Internet in the same way?"

Who are the middlemen messing with the internet? You can't thumb just one.
There are plenty guilty in this arena, especially the congloms and the

Bert wrote:
"...with generic browsers and search engines,.."

Can there be such a thing?  The closest thing I can think of for a generic
search engine might be ixquick.com which will run on any browser.  All
others that I know about are branded, filtered and manipulated with Google
being one of the worst, which is why I try not to use it (too bad it works
so dang well).  But how does one have a generic browser?  Are you saying
Explorer, Netscape, Safari and Firefox are generic but Google Chrome is

I seriously doubt a CE manufacturer is going to write the code for their
own browser for their own device, but I suppose they could.

Please know I'm not pro-Google or GoogleTV or Google Chrome.  I certainly
don't find Google to be an impartial and unbiased group.  It just seems to
me that you make Google to be the villain while pronouncing the media
congloms to be the innocent party in all this blocking of content to
consumers. I'm not so sure I take this view.


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