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It is not only the size of the font on the screen which should be taken into 
account.  The type of visual impairment must also be taken into account.  In 
addition, the individual should bear in mind, the wear and tear and strain they 
are putting on their eyes.

In addition, when reading a screen full of information, a balance must be made 
between how long it takes an individual to read the information that is 
displayed.  For example, if it takes a person with limited vision, who can read 
the text on the screen, 20 minutes to read 1 screen full of text in the edit 
window of a Word document, how productive is that to the particular individual. 
 Whereas, in the same 20 minutes, using a screen-reader, depending upon the 
speed of the reading voice, the same individual would have access to an 
enormous amount of information in comparison.  In addition, it is likely, that 
the individual would have more comprehension as to what they had read 
throughout the 20 minutes using speech than using their eyes to read just one 
screen full of information.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to choose.

However, if they choose to use their eyes to access information in an 
employment situation and it takes them a long time to read what is on the 
screen, an employer may decide that their productivity is not high enough and 
decide to let them go.


Dave Durber

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  I wanted to post this here seeing as this mailing list gets lots of traffick.

  My question is concerning the use of jaws and is the "screen" reader mainly 
used for completely blind individuals or partially sighted individuals?

  I am not a teacher for the blind, so it is interesting to me when a person is 
told due to his or her "lack of vision" jaws will be reccomended. So, the 
question raised here is where would a persons vision need to be at in order to 
use jaws? If someone can read 20 point font or higher would jaws be necessary?

  Any feedback would be appreciated.

  Take care.


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