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Well, at one time I was at the point I could read 20 point text and had
the opportunity to start with JAWs.  I could still read, so why should I
start using JAWs was my thinking.  Well, I was wrong.  My vision got
worst and my computer skills using JAWs became very very frustrating (I
almost gave up using the computer).  But after long hours of studying, I
was able to get back to using the computer almost as well as I use too.

So, my long suggestion, is to learn it now.  That way, at least the user
will be able to see what JAWs is reading and how different what they
hear and see are.  It is very difficult to visualize what is on the
screen when all you hear is text being read and 'graphic', 'graphic',
'graphic'. (and the reason JAWs only says 'graphic', is because the
developer was to lazy to label or set the attribute with a name or
Oh forgive me I digress.  Because I am a developer and I know how easy
it is to make an application accessible.
So, let them learn it now.


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I wanted to post this here seeing as this mailing list gets lots of

My question is concerning the use of jaws and is the "screen" reader
mainly used for completely blind individuals or partially sighted

I am not a teacher for the blind, so it is interesting to me when a
person is told due to his or her "lack of vision" jaws will be
reccomended. So, the question raised here is where would a persons
vision need to be at in order to use jaws? If someone can read 20 point
font or higher would jaws be necessary?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Take care.


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