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I agree that with a partially sighted student, it wouldn't hurt to introduce
him or her to jaws an/or other blindness skills.

I hope I did not come across as if I am against teaching my partially
sighted students jaws?

One of my original inquories was the experience of using jaws from a
partially sighted vantage point compared to being blind. Of course, with me
being blind, I already experience this but I wonder how the experience would
be if you are visually impaired.

Good day.


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It doesn't hurt the student to learn to use Jaws, or to learn to do anything
using blindness skills, in my opinion, regardless his visual acuity.  I have
been blind for 60 years; and those with whom I went to school who had
partial sight while in school are totally blind now, or as nearly as makes
no difference.  It must be remembered we are educating the whole person, and
preparing him to live a successful life regardless his age.  I believe he
should be able to successfully transition and to adjust as his vision
deteriorates.  Should this not be the case would possessing these skills
harm the student?  I say no.  Because he will learn keyboarding skills which
surpass mouse computer navigation.  Not to mention causing him to be able to
use the computer better generally.  He will also learn the life lesson that
things others feel to be an essential such as a computers monitor can be
done without quite successfully.  It will also provide him with the
confidence that he will be capable should his vision further deteriorate.
So, based on what I just maintained it wouldn't hurt sighted students to use
screen readers as well regardless their visual ability.  My dear mother use
to take children off our neighborhood street and attempt to teach them to
touch type using an old typing book for similar reasons.  

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That was my Original thought.

I kind of figured that there were no criteria, which brought me to
presenting this discussion or lack of...

Where I work, I am part of a multidisciplinary team supporting blind and
visually impaired school students and I have observed the teachers for the
blind assess these students and reccomend jaws training.

My confusion was why when these students are able to read 20 plus pt font
just fine, why introduce them to jaws? and when they use computers else
where its the same exact set up font wise etc. Meaning, the only time they
use jaws is when they are in class with me...

Anyways, thanks for your response.

Take care. 


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