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Apparently, there aren't any qualified people in your area doing assistive 
technology evaluations for your students.  The only valid reason for teaching 
JFW to students who can use enlarged text efficiently is that their vision loss 
is expected to increase in the near future, and they need to be prepared for 
this eventuality.  In any case, they should be evaluated with the various types 
of assistive technology to see what best meets their needs.

Gary King

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  Thankyou for your input.

  I am aware of the several magnification programs that exist but it seems as 
if the powers that be are pushing for jaws training with my visually impaired 
students and I think jaws will not be a good idea because the students are 
mouse users using 28 pt font.

  I just finished explaining to someone off list that I am just suppose to 
teach jaws to my middle and high schoolers and if I even bring up screen 
magnification programs or any other screen reader, it would just be shot down.

  Back to the original inquory, it seems as if jaws is for the blind (which I 
knew so don't laugh at me) I just get confused when the teachers for the blind 
are having me teach jaws to students who depend and work with the mouse.



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   there are a number of different kinds of software for visually impaired use. 
 jaws is by far the best screen reader i have found for an individual that can 
nolonger read the print inspite of size. there are some products that magnify 
the screen.  One in particular is zoom text. i am now blind, but for the last 
thirty years i could see enough to still read larger print. Now that i can't, i 
have switched to jaws.  those are just a few of the options.  i am sure that 
there are more.  i hope this was of some help for u.  

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    I wanted to post this here seeing as this mailing list gets lots of 

    My question is concerning the use of jaws and is the "screen" reader mainly 
used for completely blind individuals or partially sighted individuals?

    I am not a teacher for the blind, so it is interesting to me when a person 
is told due to his or her "lack of vision" jaws will be reccomended. So, the 
question raised here is where would a persons vision need to be at in order to 
use jaws? If someone can read 20 point font or higher would jaws be necessary?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Take care.


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