Re: jfw for the blind or visually impaired

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  • Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 19:03:57 -0400

if you have the money and are willing to pay for jaws i would think that is all 
you need to qualify from what i can tell. karen

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  I wanted to post this here seeing as this mailing list gets lots of traffick.

  My question is concerning the use of jaws and is the "screen" reader mainly 
used for completely blind individuals or partially sighted individuals?

  I am not a teacher for the blind, so it is interesting to me when a person is 
told due to his or her "lack of vision" jaws will be reccomended. So, the 
question raised here is where would a persons vision need to be at in order to 
use jaws? If someone can read 20 point font or higher would jaws be necessary?

  Any feedback would be appreciated.

  Take care.


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