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  • Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 17:20:46 +0100

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          rickman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> A  dist x 1           up,down,left,right arrow
> B       x 5           Ctrl + arrow
> C       x 10          Shift + arrow
> E       x 1/5         Ctrl + Shift + arrow
> F  1 pixel            Alt + arrow
> G  5 pixels           Alt + Shift + arrow

Unfortunately, Alt is by ArtWorks for a different purpose (temporary 
tool switch) and hence cannot be used. Ctrl is currently used to nudge 
without auto-scrolling, so at the moment, all key combinations are 
used up.

> [...]
> We have discussed this possible enhancement at several shows and you
> seemed to think it would be possible if a suitable key combination
> could be found.

Yes, it would be trivial to add that feature per se but it would be 
more work to allow the user to configure it. The only way I can see to 
allow more different nudge distances would be to differentiate between 
the left and right Ctrl/Shift keys. That would allow us to add three 
more levels of nudging. For instance:

None:             distance x 1
Right Shift key:  distance x 5
Right Ctrl key:   distance x 10
Right Shift+Ctrl: distance x 1/5

Left Shift key with any of the above: use zoom-dependent nudge 
distance instead of configured value - I guess, the most logical 
choice would be 1 screen pixel (i.e., the distance that equates to one 
screen pixel at the current zoom value).

Left Ctrl key with any of the above: suppress auto-scrolling.

The question is the level of configuration options we would need to 
allow users to customise this layout. I see no point in having a 
configuration interface that allows all possible permutations to be 
configured, so I wonder what the most preferred two or three 
arrangements would be (apart from one obvious option that keeps the 
current behaviour). The crucial point is which functions are on the 
left and right keys because only the right keys can be pressed 
together with the arrows using one hand.

> I haven't discussed the real-time information display with you but it
> seems to be the sort of information that must be available to ArtWorks
> already.

The problem is not the information as such but the space to display it 
in. Xara has some permanent space in the Selector toolbar reserved for 
it. There could be a little icon to switch the Selector toolbar 
between two modes, one with the current Adjust-drag and snapping 
options and one with the position/size of the selection. Maybe it 
would be even better to switch to position/size mode automatically 
whenever you nudge and switch back when you have stopped nudging.

Martin Wuerthner           MW Software          lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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