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  • Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 17:44:55 GMT

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 I would like to add:

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>>  posted on 11 Jan 2007 by Richard Underwood
>>  I would like to add:
>>> Many other drawing programmes have built in libraries to store such
>>> frequently used 'clips', sadly Artworks does not have such a library
>>> system (I forgot to mention that on my wish list!).
>> Yes, a library system would be much appreciated.
> We already have excellent library system facilities using existing
> RISC OS components.
> I use !Thump to keep track of my clipart and photo collections. If you
> havent tried it I recommend setting the two quick directories to point
> to your top level photos and clip directories. Thump also tracks the
> last 50 images it has seen so is good for recalling frequently used
> items.
> But it would be nice if we could drag and drop artworks files into an
> open ArtWorks window instead of AW opening a new window.

An Artworks specific Library - i.e. a selection could be saved to 
library by keypress (as in !Vector).

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