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>> Would it not be a little daft if ArtWorks went to the trouble of
>> asking you whether you want to put the text on its text clipboard and
>> then did not provide a way to paste it into a text area from there?
>> Have you never thought of trying Ctrl-V with the caret located in a
>> text area?  -  Martin
> Well I hadn't:) - RISC OS clipboard support in general is so
> inconsistent that I rely on menus to indicate what is possible. In
> this case Artworks might be improved by adding a menu entry to
> indicate that something was available to be pasted.

Yes, having a text submenu that was only there while the caret is in a 
text area might be a good idea in any case though I doubt that a entry 
somewhere on a submenu is really required to catch your attention 
after you have explicitly clicked on a button in an intrusive dialogue 
box in order to actually put the text on the text clipboard. But in 
general GUI principles I agree - the text handling options should be 
on a menu, too, not only on keyboard shortcuts.

Coming to think of it - the dialogue box/paste rigmarole might not 
really be necessary when a text file is dragged to ArtWorks while the 
caret is in a text area, because in that case, ArtWorks could insert 
the text immediately. In fact, I might get rid of the dialogue box 
altogether - its whole point was to keep the old text import method as 
well (import as text lines), but the user could choose which one to 
use by placing the caret in a text area first (import at caret) or by 
not having a caret (import text to page as text lines).

> So although it is good to know that I can get plain text into a text
> area,  I still don't know how to:
>  a) get text with effects into the text area from another app.

There is no way, but not even dedicated word processors can do that 
via the clipboard. Which other application(s) are you thinking of?

>  b) get text out of a text area into another app
>    (with or without effects)

Select area, "Objects => Text area info..." (or press Shift-F1), then 
click on "Save text".

>  c) get text from an ArtWorks text object into an AW text area
>  d) get text from an ArtWorks text area into an ArtWorks text object.

e) get text from an ArtWorks text object into an ArtWorks text object

c) could be allowed by making a standard Copy operation on ArtWorks 
objects copy the extracted text to the text clipboard, too - this 
effectively means that the the two clipboards converge, at least 
partially d) could be allowed by having an option to paste text from 
the text clipboard when editing a text line. Both changes together 
would also enable e).

> These are all obvious items for clipboard actions.

With a) it is not that obvious really.

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