Re: [artworks] Ideas for new version

  • From: rickman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: artworks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2007 00:58:31 +0100

Hello Martin

What I would like to see in a future version of ArtWorks is improved 
"nudge" capability, similar to the function provided in Xara.

Xara supports the following:-

O  choice: Set nudge distance

A  dist x 1           up,down,left,right arrow
B       x 5           Ctrl + arrow
C       x 10          Shift + arrow
E       x 1/5         Ctrl + Shift + arrow
F  1 pixel            Alt + arrow
G  5 pixels           Alt + Shift + arrow

In addition Xara provides a real-time display of the x,y coordinates 
and size of the object being nudged.

This combination makes it possible to produce complex layouts 
accurately, simply and quickly.

ArtWorks currently supports O,A,and a 5x nudge with Shift +arrow.

We have discussed this possible enhancement at several shows and you 
seemed to think it would be possible if a suitable key combination 
could be found.

I haven't discussed the real-time information display with you but it 
seems to be the sort of information that must be available to ArtWorks 


John Rickman - writing from A9home machine

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