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  • Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 12:48:52 +0100

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          Richard Underwood <Artworks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 10 Jan, Gavin Crawford <gav@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> In article <4ea219c7fdArtworks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>>    Richard Underwood <Artworks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > You have mentioned multi-page layout. This would be very welcome.  If
>> > it were implemented I feel that it would be best to have the pages
>> > scrollable like Impression pages so that objects can be freely dragged
>> > around between pages, not like an "workbook" arrangement where you can
>> > only have one page showing at a time.
>> I don't feel that multipage handling is particularly an important
>> feature, as any ArtWorks document can be imported into Impression or
>> Ovation Pro to create a multipage layout.

Except that you are then subject to the various limitations of 
AWRender and you miss direct PDF export.

>> But if ArtWorks does receive multipage capabilities I would NOT want
>> to see it done as scrollable pages in one view [...]
> The reason I would prefer a multipage layout using scrollbars is because
> if the multipages were in a "workbook" format then there seems little
> advantage in having a multipage layout at all as opposed to simply having
> a group of AW files stored in a directory.

As far as I can see the difference between a "workbook" layout and a 
scrollable format is mainly cosmetic. And, just to avoid a lengthy 
discussion here, if ArtWorks ever gets multipage capabilities, it will 
be in a workbook format. This is for technical reasons, so we have no 

Apart from nicer looks, I can only see one advantage of having a 
scrollable layout as opposed to a "workbook" format and that is that 
you could drag objects from one page to another. Surely, the lack of 
this feature is not significant?

Besides, I cannot quite reconcile your statement that there is "little 
advantage" in having multipage layout at all if it is only in workbook 
format with what you write below:

> BTW, I find the PDF export facility in !Artworks to be excellent [...]
> but I only wish it could produce more than one page!

Precisely the thing that multipage capabilites would enable (no matter 
how a multipage document is displayed). In fact, PDF export would 
probably be the first multipage enabled feature in an initial 
multipage release of ArtWorks whereas others (e.g., printing, other 
export formats) might remain restricted to the current page in the 
initial release.

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