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  • Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 13:58:08 GMT

In message of 10 Jan, Martin Wuerthner <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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> > I'd like to suggest an enhancement to allow Artworks to edit wider pages.
> > The current limit is fine for normal work but runs out when trying to
> > work on a large family tree.
> What is the problem with scaling down everything and using a smaller 
> page?
> Sorry, the current page size limits (3000mm in each direction) are 
> there to stay. Even the current limits are too big really - they do 
> not allow stable operation under all circumstances (e.g., with very 
> large zoom factors).

As an alternative resource there are programs available, albeit on other
platforms, that have far better facilities for handling family trees
than anything we know about.  You can transfer your data for making
a family tree by exporting a GEDCOM file from your RISC OS program to a
program on another platform.  Or you can send a GEDCOM file to one of
the workshops that will do large format printing for you, at a cost of

I suspect it takes years of development to make a good family tree
drawing program and some of the features required are just not part of
the ArtWorks scene.  I cannot see a return on the heavy investment in
programming to provide adequate family tree facilities in ArtWorks.

But I would like to see a good family tree program on the RISC OS

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