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>  posted on 11 Jan 2007 by Richard Underwood
>  I would like to add:
>> Many other drawing programmes have built in libraries to store such
>> frequently used 'clips', sadly Artworks does not have such a library
>> system (I forgot to mention that on my wish list!).
> Yes, a library system would be much appreciated.

We already have excellent library system facilities using existing 
RISC OS components.

I use !Thump to keep track of my clipart and photo collections. If you 
havent tried it I recommend setting the two quick directories to point 
to your top level photos and clip directories. Thump also tracks the 
last 50 images it has seen so is good for recalling frequently used 

But it would be nice if we could drag and drop artworks files into an 
open ArtWorks window instead of AW opening a new window.


John Rickman - writing from A9home machine

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