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>> So although it is good to know that I can get plain text into a text
>> area,  I still don't know how to:
>>  a) get text with effects into the text area from another app.

> There is no way, but not even dedicated word processors can do that
> via the clipboard. Which other application(s) are you thinking of?

I can't think of RISC OS apps that do it but you can achieve it 
between MSWord and Xara - MSWord offers Xara a choice of plain text or 
Metafile and if you choose Metafile you get something like what you 
started with.
>> These are all obvious items for clipboard actions.
> With a) it is not that obvious really.
> Martin
Agreed,  but if ArtWorks supported one of the text markup formats eg 
DDL, DDF, or RTF then it could achieve the preservation of styles with 
drag and drop.

It works between EasiWriter and Publisher+. (Save as RTF from EW and 
drop the icon on to Publisher.)


John Rickman - writing from A9home machine

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