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  • Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2007 20:26:33 +0100

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          MrJTGibbs <trevor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> After searching the archives back to December when it was published, I
> can't find any discussion which helps.
> After abandoning attempts to use earlier versions due to instability I
> have just tried again with firefox-2-r2 in my Iyonix of March 2006
> vintage (OS 5.11)
> firefox-2-iyonix-r1 would load but seriously unstable.
> firefox-2-r2 will not load at all.
> Immediately after clicking on the unzipped icon I get a perpetually
> running short page of code.

Yes, that is a known problem. Firefox2-r2 needs its choices set up 
properly. One way to do it is to run Firefox2-r1 and copy its choices 
across from UnixHome (used by r1 to store its choices) to Choices: (as 
used by r2). It think this is described in the documentation.

> I have also taken on board the advice to delete
> Choices:Mozilla.Firefox

That does not help as it is the lack of choices files that causes the 
problem. Of course, every application should be able to cope with not 
finding any choices and create suitable default choices in that case 
but unfortunately, the default choices created by Firefox2-r2 still 
cause the startup problem you observed.

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