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  • Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 18:41:14 GMT

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          Peter Naulls <peter@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> [Strictly speaking, off topic for this list]
> Unforunately, Paul hasn't contacted me in regards to this, and it
> contains a number of errors.   Perhaps what I'm most disappointed in is
> that while I don't disapprove of the enthusiasm, it smacks of typical
> RISC OS "problem solving" attitude.  That is, there is a very real
> problem with start up on some machines, but instructions listed here are
> just a superficial fix, which don't address the real problem - like so
> much that happens with RISC OS.   Yes, I appreicate that it will allow
> some people who previously couldn't make it work have it run, but my
> point remains.
> For such an apparently important application, there's been desperately
> few people wanting to be involved in actual development, and what
> development there has been has been the brunt of endless critisism and
> lack of funding.
> As it happens under the current status quo, the real fix will have to
> wait until I find sufficient enthusiasm and time to address it.  This
> particular thing has probably only contributed to my apathy.
Dear Peter

The problem you have is that many RISC OS users think that what you 
are doing is first class and are extremely grateful but are non 
technical and are unable to cope with the difficulties of using a 
program that needs, because of their lack of knowledge, additional 
input. So we chat away and seek someone who can help us use such a 
wonderful product. Hopefully, like me, they put cash into the project 
to help it forward.

Many of us simply want to encourge you and say how grateful we are for 
all the time and effort you put into the program. I would ask anyone 
with the skills needed to support Peter in his efforts so all the 
community will benefit. The rest of us need to dig into our pockets 
and send much needed cash to assist Peter.

Please take heart Peter and understand the frustration we have at 
having no fully usable web browser and yet see all the potential in 
what you are doing. We do appreciate you and wish you and your family 


Reverend Doctor Alan GC Leighton
Priory Lodge
86B Church Lane
Nr Middlesbrough
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