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  • Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 15:23:28 +0000 (GMT)

In article <5c6fd9be4e.peter@xxxxxxxxxx>, Peter Naulls <peter@xxxxxxxxxx>
> In message <4ebebcd694lists-nospam@xxxxxxxxx> Paul Vigay
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> > In article <b3448abe4e.peter@xxxxxxxxxx>, Peter Naulls
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> > > I would hope you've read the help which asks you to _not_ send such
> > > reports.  There really isn't much I can do with 100 emails from
> > > people telling me that they cannot start it, and reporting the same
> > > issue. It's unlikely you could tell me anything I didn't know,
> > > unless I've specifically asked for some information from an
> > > individual.
> > 
> > Hence my quick introductory article on RISCOS.org (to which I welcome
> > any comments as to accuracy etc).
> >
> > I'd rather write some quick notes to help people overcome some initial
> > hurdles so that they can at least get Firefox up and running. That way
> > they'll see what it looks like instead of thinking, "Oh that's far too
> > complex to install and it doesn't work properly anyway", which is more
> > likely to turn newcomers away.

> No, you've just completely ignored most of what I've said, and just
> responded to the bits which match your reality.  Read _again_ why I said
> it's complex to install.  Read _again_ why such things are never helpful
> in the long run.  Read _again_ what really needs to be fixed instead of
> providing superficial fixes.

What you said may all be true.  FWIW I think it probably makes good sense
but Paul's effort also makes good sense from the point of view of the
actual *user* as opposed to that of the 'here's an interesting programming
problem' geek.  There have been lots of pleas for assistance in getting FF2
running and from them lots of attempts at giving assistance.  I can't for
the life of me see why Paul should get it in the neck for trying to gather
some of these together in one accessible place.

> > We need documentation for both ends of the knowledge spectrum. It's
> > all well and good having documentation on how to compile things, but
> > some people also like instructions on how to get things out of the box
> > in the first place.


>The compiling documentation and usage documentation
> are two different things.

> None of what you've done solves the underlying problem - which would
> avoid having the need to have such instructions in the _first_ place.

But why should *users* have to 'solve the underlying problem'  before they
are permitted to use the program?  What are the programs *for* if not to be
used by non-programmers?  Surely it is a good thing that non-technical
people attempt to find a way to make them work effectively?  

> > I like to think that some of my tutorial articles help those who don't
> > necessarily have the skills, time or inclination with jumping in at
> > the higher end of programming and compiling additional utilities etc.

> Specious.

Well, if people find Paul's documentation helpful then his comment is
hardly specious.

> Instead now we have documentation which has been made seperately from
> the developer, contains inaccuraries, is likely to become out of date
> (for the bits which are correct), and only adds to the general
> confusion.  Another own goal for RISC OS.   Am I annoyed - yes.  And I
> get to look like a big monster for pointing out serious problems that
> RISC OS has, but Paul looks like a hero for providing a flawed
> short-term fix that looks like (but isn't) the right thing to do.

If there are inaccuracies then they should be corrected.  I am sure Paul
would be happy to do so.  Lots of programs have problems for users that
need fixes of one kind or another - I know that I have often been grateful
for the solutions found by others.  Nobody expects perfection - programmers
can't be expected to get it right first time every time.

Your work has been greatly appreciated.  You're not a monster, just seeing
a different view of the problem from that of the non-programmer.



Alan Calder, Milton Keynes, UK.

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