[iyonix-support] Re: Problem installing Firefox-2-r2

  • From: tennant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Tennant Stuart)
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  • Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 10:53:11 +0000

On Thu  1 Mar 2007 (21:48:11 +0100), Martin Wuerthner wrote:

>In message Trevor Gibbs wrote:

>> There is a !UnixHome directory in !Boot.Resources
>> When I open it I find I haven't a clue what to do next.

>> It contains a 'home' directory containing lots of stuff. But no
>> Choices directory.

>> I expect you are suggesting that I drop something from there into
>> !Boot.Choices

>If you find a directory called /mozilla in !UnixHome.home, then copy 
>it as Mozilla into !Boot.Choices, i.e., in the end you should have a 
>directory !Boot.Choices.Mozilla.Firefox containing (at least) a file 
>called profiles/ini. That should allow Firefox to start up.

We've tried doing that, but Firefox complains it's not connected to
the web to access the actual Mozilla site - and if you tell it to work
offline, it just says to uncheck the option. Is this browser incapable
of simply displaying the images & HTML files stored on the Iyonix?

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