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  • From: Dave Higton <davehigton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 21:54:45 GMT

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          Peter Naulls <peter@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Secondly, as I've said, there clearly is an issue with the profile
> handling in Firefox.  Providing dummy profiles might will have some
> short-term benefit to a few people, but does nothing to resolve the
> underlying issue, and only provides long-term confusion.  Again, I can
> point to plenty of other RISC OS techonolgies where precisely this has
> happened, and I've berated Castle and others on more than one occasion
> for perpetuating it.  But whilst current Firefox development remains
> mine alone (despite considerable efforts to make it otherwise),  I'm
> afraid a proper resolution (not to mention the considerable effort to
> make it work really well in RISC OS)  will have to be when and if I'm
> able. 

OK, Peter, I accept what you say.  But let's look at this from another
angle too.

There are a few people on the RISC OS scene who are programmers to a
greater or lesser extent, and would like to contribute technically
to Firefox.  But acquiring enough specific knowledge to begin is an
insuperable hurdle at the moment.

Let me challenge you.  You are the best, indeed probably the only,
person who can solve this problem, and give others the knowledge to
allow them to contribute.  My suggestion is that you invest the time
and effort to write up, in step by step detail, how to do this.
Begin with the hardware and software requirements for the platform
they will need to develop on.  Then give instructions on how and
where to download the source code.  Next tell how to build the code.
Finally, detail some elementary tests or checks to ensure that all
the code has been built correctly.

The above is an investment that you can make, hopefully once only
(i.e. we don't expect the details to change).  If you make the
investment, it will at least enable others to contribute.

After that, there is still a need for management and co-ordination
to ensure that necessary work is done exactly once.  Perhaps a
mailing list for RISC OS Firefox developers.  You're going to have
to take part in this too.

Do you agree with all the above?

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