[iyonix-support] Re: Problem installing Firefox-2-r2

  • From: Alan Leighton <alan.leighton2@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 21:07:39 GMT

In message <87c075be4e.peter@xxxxxxxxxx>
          Peter Naulls <peter@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In message <f5c06cbe4e.alan@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>           Alan Leighton <alan.leighton2@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> The problem you have is that many RISC OS users think that what you
>> are doing is first class and are extremely grateful but are non
>> technical and are unable to cope with the difficulties of using a
>> program that needs, because of their lack of knowledge, additional
>> input. So we chat away and seek someone who can help us use such a
>> wonderful product. Hopefully, like me, they put cash into the project
>> to help it forward.

> But whilst current Firefox development remains
> mine alone (despite considerable efforts to make it otherwise),  I'm
> afraid a proper resolution (not to mention the considerable effort to
> make it work really well in RISC OS)  will have to be when and if I'm
> able.
Understood. I had better get off this line before I am shot.


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