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          Peter Naulls <peter@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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> > [Snip]
> You've snipped the most important parts, predictably.

And I probably did too :-)

> No, you've just completely ignored most of what I've said, and just
> responded to the bits which match your reality.  Read _again_ why I said
> it's complex to install.  Read _again_ why such things are never helpful
> in the long run.  Read _again_ what really needs to be fixed instead of
> providing superficial fixes.

I guess most users agree with you that a real fix would be nice. But
until that happens by what do you expect to happen?

The !Help of FF 2 r2 file which you ask us in !ReadMe to read suggests
this as for Troubleshooting:

  You might have problems starting up, especially if you had an aborted
  start up from a previous version.  In this case, I recommend you
  delete Choices:Mozilla.Firefox and try again.

Well doing just that, that is removing Choices:Mozilla guarantees for me
and quite a few others that FF 2 r2 will *NOT* run but try to load over
and over again. Well me being German perhaps I mis-understood the word
'troubleshooting' to mean to create trouble ;-)

When I first tried to use FF 2 r2 all I got was messages running over my
screen suggesting that it tried to load, failed for some reason,
retried, failed, retried ... until I put this mess to an end.

Then I re-read your !Help file especially since you made it clear that
unless someone does to it won't run. Well with doing so it didn't
either. So I went to your FF page and looked for help there but nothing
on there helping with the problem either.

So I asked on this list if someone else had that problem assuming that
you'd not be keen to get this bug report over and over again from all
sorts of users and I got the hint to copy the choices from FF 2 r1 from
!Unixhome over to Choices.Mozilla.Firefox. After that FF 2 r2 did indeed
load and work. Good!

But the solution Paul outlined is even nicer since there is no need to
first download and run FF 2 r1. As a matter of fact he even offers the
base choices as download. Thanks Paul!

Peter, may I suggest that you simply offer a small update for FF 2 r2
which includes default choices and a small addition to the !Run file
which copies the default choices to Choices.Mozilla.Firefox if they are
not there. Or, simply be happy for the help from others and add a link
to Pauls website to your FF pages.

Please note: It would have been less work for you to do just that
instead of doing your postings in this thread... 


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