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  • Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2007 22:14:13 GMT

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> Hello
> (mailed and posted)
>>After abandoning attempts to use earlier versions due to instability I
>>have just tried again with firefox-2-r2 in my Iyonix of March 2006
>>vintage (OS 5.11)
>>firefox-2-iyonix-r1 would load but seriously unstable. firefox-2-r2
>>will not load at all. Immediately after clicking on the unzipped icon I
>>get a perpetually running short page of code.
> Try installing FF2 release 1 first.
> Set up FF2 rel 1 as you want it (select a download folder etc using the
> Preferences Menu and other things you want different to the standard
> settings).
> Quit Firefox 2 rel 1 from the Menu within Firefox. Find the folder
> /mozilla in UnixHome.
> Copy this to !Boot.Choices and rename to mozilla (without the leading
> slash). I'd do a precautionary reboot, just to be sure.
> FF2 Rel 2 *should* now start up properly.

I shall be in trouble from Druck Stan but how does one keep it on the 
icon bar. Actually how does one get there i  the first place?

Alan (yes next time I will go on the right postinng)

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