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  • Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 12:38:25 +0000 (GMT)

Jack L
From Jack Lewis Sat Sep 15 18:46:58 2007
' Therefore left-handed chirality in the amino acids of life are an absolute 
necessity. However it has also been discovered that nucleic acids are all 
right-handed. Therefore Miller's racemates are useless for abiogenesis.'
Well Jack you may be comfortable with this information but it's all Greek to me 
I'm afraid. Chemistry in general, among all the things I don't know, is the 
thing I don't know the most -- and organic chemistry doubles that in spades. 
Even if you explained it to me, I doubt it would help but if you are so moved, 
please try -- I will give it my best attention.
I did do some digging however. First, I tried to learn what a 'racemate' was. 
Well I found something which would probably have been significant to one 
skilled in biochemistry but of little help to me. Pretty much like your 
reference 'Abiogenesis MS.doc' which reads like a memory jogger written to 
himself by a professional. It certainly isn't of much use to anyone ignorant of 
these matters.
Next I looked for references to A.E. Wilder-Smith. This was an eye-opener. 
Almost 30,000 hits so no shortage. But when I started looking for likely sites 
among those on offer, I soon discovered that they were overwhelmingly biblical, 
creationist and the like. Indeed, I scanned the first eight pages of hits 
without finding one secular site. This seems strange to me as he was variously 
touted as being one of the very few to have gained three doctorates and was 
lauded on one site as being Europe's greatest scientist. He also found time it 
seems to have made the rank of General and served with NATO, though in what 
capacity was not stated. Why is there no mention in the scientific mainsteam of 
a man of such talent and stature? A conspiracy perhaps?
I also discovered while on this little journey, numerous statements from which 
you no doubt gain confidence in your denial of abiogenesis and evolution. For 
myself, rather than simple assertion that it is impossible, I prefer to accept 
the overwhelming evidence that the latter has occurred -- the stratified fossil 
record -- and the former must have occurred, because of what followed. That the 
precise mechanisms are not fully understood is not an impediment. That is the 
way all things are discovered.
Paul D

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