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Neville J
I had no doubts that you could all defend yourselves. I reserve the right 
however to continue in my view that your defences are flawed.
Believe me I would have remarked upon Richard Dawkins acceptance, though since 
I included geocentrism@xxxxxxxxxxxxx as a Cc:, I would assume, should he ever 
respond, that you would know as quickly as I.
I'm not sure about the dentists and T. Rex though. Was this humour? Personally, 
I try to treat dentists as people; as a source of knowledge -- we can all add 
to our knowledge if we try; and since I've heard recently that they are the 
identifiable group with the highest suicide rate, if a kind word from me might 
just be the infinitesimal point which might prevent just one instance of this, 
then I'm happy to do it.
Paul D

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As you are discovering, most of us here cut our teeth on the creation/evolution 
debate and are more than capable of defending our position. This is why I had 
no reservations about Professor Dawkins joining us. Jack, James, Martin and 
Philip have all provided fine responses to your claims. Martin's postings have 
been of an exceptionally high standard, in my opinion, even for him!

You have not indicated any response from Professor Dawkins to your e-mail, but 
I expect that he will decline the invitation. This is a pity, because as well 
as pleasing the masses with assembly-line rhetoric (which he is good at, I'll 
admit), he ought to spend some time addressing those who are ready, willing and 
able to both defend their own position and attack his. Otherwise he becomes a 
bit like someone who professes to be a chess champion, but who never plays 
anyone but those with only a passing interest or ability in the game.

I have had communication in the past with Dr Kurt Wise, and with Dr Steve 
Austen, and I can personally vouch for the fact that they are exceptionally 
knowledgeable in their fields and extremely helpful and polite. It would be 
good to get all three of them (ie, including Dr Richard Dawkins) together here, 
but I feel that the one who would dismiss the idea is, as always, the 

Anyway, I'll leave you to battle on. Don't you just wonder what dentists 
evolved from? T-Rex perhaps?


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