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Dear Paul,
If you think that the article about abiogenesis is merely an anecdote then you 
clearly have no idea what evolution is about. If you want more information 
about what creationists say about the 2nd L. O. T. check out this site 
http://www.icr.org/article/86/ its not too long an article. 
otherwise I'm not really interested in perusing the subject any further with 
you. You may think this is a cop-out but if you can't see just how serious 
these problems are then there is little point in continuing. Don't worry about 
it you are in the same boat as pretty much all evolutionists. Occasionally we 
meet one who thinks rationally and objectively, I was once an evolutionist and 
I re-engaged my brain. 


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  Jack L

  I've read the first three of your files. These are just anecdotes and contain 
nothing of significance.

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