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Jack L
Well of course it is! I'm definately getting s-l-o-w-e-r!
It has been found that the proteins in living cells are almost all left-handed. 
Thus by definition, some are right-handed. It would be lethal to a cell, by 
preventing metabalism, if a right-handed molecule was inserted. Therefore all 
cells have their metabalism lethally prevented, making life is impossible. But 
life exists. E-r-r-o-r -- d-e-s-t-r-u-c-t -- e-r-r-o-r ............
I can't discuss abiogenesis -- I don't know enough about it.
OK you won't discuss anything else. You could tell me however why the Second 
Law of Thermodynamics makes it impossible -
...because without it there will be nothing to evolve.
This is not a discussion starter -- you've made it plain you won't engage. 
However I will make a statement. Life exists. It is perfectly reasonable to 
explore the possibility of evolution acting on existing life. Many problems -- 
not just the mechanism of evolution -- can be attacked by simultaneously 
addressing different parts of the problem. It happens all the time! Often 
referred to as parallel processing.
You've detailed some difficulties of dealing with evolutionists. Well others 
have difficulties dealing with creationists, especially fundamentalist 
creationists. The immediate problem I see is an inability to deal with part of 
a problem. Such people need certainty in everything and of course this is not 
possible if the problem is incomplete.
Paul D

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Dear Paul,
2nd L.O.T. = 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.
The stuff that I sent you was simply for your information regarding 
insurmountable evolutionary problems. I don't have the time to waste having 
lengthy discussions about a subject I know to be true.  It is my experience in 
talking to evolutionists about their problems that no sooner do I make a valid 
point to them they then say something like, "Ah yes but what about..." and go 
off into another area and nothing ever gets resolved. I won't do that anymore 
because basically I'll only discuss one thing at a time and that is 
abiogenesis. The level of agreement or disagreement will determine whether I 
continue the discussion or not. We either resolve this question or we end the 
discussion. My intransigence on this is because without it there will be 
nothing to evolve. There is no way that you can get round this statement - it 
is fundamental, foundational and cannot be by-passed. 
Therefore I am prepared to discuss the impossibility of abiogenesis and nothing 
else until it is resolved. 
What is the obvious contradiction you were referring to below?
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Jack L
From Jack Lewis Wed Sep 12 18:10:56 2007
If you think that the article about abiogenesis is merely an anecdote then you 
clearly have no idea what evolution is about. If you want more information 
about what creationists say about the 2nd L. O. T. check out this site 
http://www.icr.org/article/86/ its not too long an article. [ What is 2nd L. O. 
T.? ]
I was in a bit of a hurry and I'd forgotten about this item. It is not a simple 
anecdote, but it is a simplistic attempt to disprove an incredibly complex 
proposition with a few references to carbon atoms and right and left 
handedness. Then we find this -
It has been found that the proteins in living cells are almost all left-handed. 
It would be lethal to a cell, by preventing metabalism, if a right-handed 
molecule was inserted.
Can you reconcile this obvious contradiction?

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