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Dear Paul,
This illustrates microevolution (variation within the same kind) not 
macroevolution (a kind becoming another kind). I have already told you this in 
a previous e-mail. What Darwinists say is that because we can see evolutionary 
variations within kinds then ergo it should be seen between kinds. This is 
wrong reasoning and their are no fossils to back up the assertion.

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  Finally, please do a search for "Apo A-I Milano". My search produced 319,000 
hits, the first on my list being 
http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/33816.php. Other sources I've seen 
indicate that all who carry this gene are descended from a single marriage 
about 400 years ago. If you do not subscribe to the concept of evolution, how 
would you explain this phenomenon?

  Paul D

  What has geaneology  to do with evolution? The church has always recognised 
inbreeding as a danger, and forbids it .. Perhaps it is proof of devolution?


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