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  • From: Paul Deema <paul_deema@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 16:59:30 +0000 (GMT)

Jack L
I've read the first three of your files. These are just anecdotes and contain 
nothing of significance.
The The fourth is something quite different. Before launching in, I decided to 
read what had given rise to this extremely wordy document. I found, on the 
Scientific American website, the original statement which I have pieced 
together as 15Answers.rtf --attached.
Well I then started to read 15 ANSWERS TO JOHN RENNIE.odt. The response to 
Point 1 (three short paragraphs) is more than seven very densly packed pages. 
(The Answers to John in fact is 9.36 times as wordy as John Rennie's original 
article!). I have reached half way through this response to Point 1 by which 
time I have tentatively reached the conclusion that this document will likely 
continue in the same vein, namely -- heavy preoccupation with semantic hair 
splitting and simple contradiction. I don't expect to find any alternative 
explanations or counter arguments, or description of contrary scientific 
findings. Then again I may be wrong. We shall see. But tonight I want to get to 
bed before the Sun rises and I wish to make an initial response as explained 
below. In the mean time, you may wish to read the original article.
If you don't want to do that, then will you oblige me by reading Point 9? It 
doesn't actually involve evolution, which you may recall, I don't wish to get 
into here but it does illustrate the dishonest tactics employed by those who 
John R is complaining about. Now the response runs to eight densly packed pages 
and I've only read the first paragrph which is very slow to address the issue 
-- in fact, by the end of that long para, what we know is that " ... we believe 
that an examination of these matters is warranted."
I'll try to read all of the response to Point 9 by tomorrow night's efforts but 
perhaps you will favour me by then with your ideas about the Second Law of 
Thermodynamics and how you see its pronouncements proving the non occurence of 
abiogenesis and/or evolution.

Files mentioned -
Abiogenesis MS.doc
15 ANSWERS TO JOHN RENNIE.odt [ Word count = 41683 ]
15Answers.rtf [ Word count == 4452 ]
Paul D

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