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  • Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 12:07:25 +0100

Dear Paul,
Neville's reference was one of humour or did you mean DNA found in T-Rex? Yes 
this is true and peleontologists don't like it one little bit!

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  Neville J
  I had no doubts that you could all defend yourselves. I reserve the right 
however to continue in my view that your defences are flawed.
  Believe me I would have remarked upon Richard Dawkins acceptance, though 
since I included geocentrism@xxxxxxxxxxxxx as a Cc:, I would assume, should he 
ever respond, that you would know as quickly as I.
  I'm not sure about the dentists and T. Rex though. Was this humour? 
Personally, I try to treat dentists as people; as a source of knowledge -- we 
can all add to our knowledge if we try; and since I've heard recently that they 
are the identifiable group with the highest suicide rate, if a kind word from 
me might just be the infinitesimal point which might prevent just one instance 
of this, then I'm happy to do it.
  Paul D

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