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Martin S

Well I guess you're awake and firing on all cylinders!
That's quite an article, and no doubt well above my head but perhaps if I print 
it out and take it with me to the dentist it will take my mind off other 
Paul D

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On Sep 19, 2007, at 12:51 PM, Paul Deema wrote:

Regarding Michael Behe and his well worn mousetrap, I've read a number of 
discussions of his theories and why, after significant investigation (he did 
rather throw a spanner into the works after all) these theories have been 
largely discounted. The blood clotting cascade was very interesting. One of 
those aforementioned investigations looked into this function and to this 
blundering amateur, a very good case was made for an alternative explanation 
for its origin which falsified the irreducible complexity argument. Sadly I 
can't recall who this was and a search for such info -- along with similar 
searches for every other thing I can't remember -- would exhaust my remaining 
allotment of time.

Not so fast there, Paul.  The shoe is on the other foot entirely regarding 
blood clotting, and the folks with the red faces are the evolutionists who 
tried to "debunk" Behe with ill-considered hearsay technobabble that blew up in 
their faces while they were posturing as superior critics to the creationist. 
See this link:



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