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  • Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 16:02:10 +0200

Re: [botswanapredatorforum] Re: Report on Setata FenceDear Dereck,
I won't reply in detail but there a few points I would like to make:

you say:
  can we assume that you can throw some cash at someone and hope that the 
correct education will sort of  find itself?
People value what contributes to their livelihood and may take care of it if 
they have some proprietorial rights over it. This is just a simple rule of 
economics and easily verified with a little observation:  e.g. ask the question 
"why do people value and care for their livestock?"

you also say:
  we have a program in Kenya and plans for one in Rwanda where the educators 
are Maasai, (and Rwandan) who are very much part of the community
Well are they? The cultural gap between urbanised Batswana whose livelihood is 
salary based and rural Batswana whose livelihood depends on natural resources 
is enormous. Consider the parallel comparison of kugels and bagels from Jo'burg 
and your average Boer farmer. They may speak the 'same' language and belong to 
the same tribe but the cultural gap is vast.

and again:
  are we to write off predators in an ever increasing pattern as livestock 
increases, (as it will) because in essence, livestock and predators are 
unlikely to co exist.
That maybe the case. What predators require is very large tracts of protected 
land upon which they can maintain viable populations. However, the experience 
of the developed countries suggests that there will not be endless unlimited 
expansion of crop-land or livestock because urbanisation will limit human land 
demands in time. What we do need to do is to focus on raising peoples per 
capita income rapidly and ensuring child survival as these two factors together 
encourage people to limit family size and thus population growth.

  Can you get it to me? I am happy to assist in this, my limited  intelligence 
not withstanding.
No sorry, a copy has gone to the VP and the Minister of Environment Wildlife 
and Tourism. There are risks in allowing additional copies into the open and I 
have taken enough already.


Richard White

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