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Isn't the whole point of the ban that it has in fact curtailed the
previously legitimate rights of livestock owners to kill lions that
threatened their livestock, property or themselves? As such the killing of
lions has gone underground.i.e. poisoning.





The Department of Wildlife and National Parks in the Ministry of
Environment, Wildlife and Tourism(MEWT) wishes to inform the public that it
has suspended the hunting of lions until further notice .The Department is
concerned that to date lions continue to be killed at unsustainable levels .


Since 2005 , the Department has been allowing a sustainable offtake quota of
1% of the lion population targeting mature males only .Additionally ,
farmers are permitted under the Wildlife and National Parks Act to protect
their livestock from predation . The cumulative total of trophy hunts and
lions killed annually as problem animals is about 3.5% from an estimated
population base of 3000 individuals. Female lions in particular fall victim
to killing of problem animals since they do the hunting .Consequently cubs
are left behind without protection and almost always die. Government has
therefore taken a precautionary measure of removing the lion from the quota
while this situation is being redressed. The Lion populations of Kweneng,
Ghanzi and Kgalagadi Districts are severely affected and there are
preliminary indications that they may be experiencing a decline.


The Department hereby calls upon the nation to join hands to protect the
lion as the species is an integral part of our natural heritage which is
among the keystone species within our ecosystems and a major tourism


DWNP Press Release Issued by :

(c)The MEWT PR 2007



What, at least I, don't understand. Is if the recognised issue is the
killing of problem animals, then why ban trophy hunting? I would argue that
cause and effect are unrelated or at best only tangentially related. 



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