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Hi All


Thanks Rebecca for your enquiry regarding last year’s report, which was written 
in response to a decision made in November 2007 to reinstate the previously 
decommissioned Setata fence.  Please note that as the situation has now changed 
(for the better) this report is no longer valid. 


For those who don’t know the history:  The 200km Setata fence was first 
constructed in 1995/6 during an outbreak of Contagious Bovine Pleura Pneumonia 
(CBPP).  A comprehensive “retroactive” EIA carried out in 1999 & 2000 - in 
response to community, NGO and Government concerns regarding the environmental 
impact of this fence  - established that the fence was severely impacting on 
wildlife populations and was ineffective as a disease control measure.  Based 
on the recommendations of this EIA the fence was entirely removed in 2004.  A 
survey I undertook for KCS in 2005 indicated rapid recovery in wildlife 
movement behaviour patterns subsequent to its removal.


The good news is that a decision was made in June this year to halt 
construction work on the new fence, thus leaving a 70km gap (according to 
official correspondence) for wildlife to freely migrate between NG4,5 and NG3,8 
(Western fringes of Okavango delta).  The already developed portions to the 
east and west of this gap are also to be removed - subject to DWNP monitoring 
efforts and consultations with affected communities.  


I conducted a follow-up survey of the fence in early September (report and maps 
available on request), which showed that the gap (currently 55km in width) is 
at least to some extent facilitating the free movement of wildlife between 
NG4,5 and NG3,8, but that there are still some problem areas where the eastern 
developed portion runs through wildlife habitat , notably: 

1.       The existence of two 90 degree turns in the fence. The one, at the 
north-east corner of NG5, is a trap to wildlife moving from NG4/5 towards the 
Okavango (NG8), in the dry season. The other, further down the eastern boundary 
of Ng5 is a trap to wildlife moving back from the Okavango to NG5 in the wet 

2.       Two sections of approximately 20km each (adjacent to the corners 
indicated) are currently obstructing movements towards the Okavango delta and 
resulting in severe stress in wildlife populations moving up and down these 
sections. Species most affected  are gemsbok, hartebeest, ostrich, giraffe and 


Interestingly, from a predator perspective, I noted evidence of spotted hyena 
and cheetah hunting along the fence in September and on a number of occasions 
in the past I’ve actually seen lion and wild dog using the fence to similar 


The monitoring report has been submitted to DWNP and KCS and I believe that 
they are dealing with the situation.  Any further enquiries regarding 
mitigation efforts should be directed to KCS and DWNP. 


Kind regards,


Arthur Albertson  




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Hi all, 

Im not in Botswana at the moment so sorry for the late reply.

Im afraid I no longer have the full copy of the Setata Fence report due to some 
computer problems earlier in the year.

However, I did send the full version out to several people who requested it 
back then, so they may still have the full electronic version. If you are one 
of those people please can you send me the full report and I will send it out 
to the forum members who are requesting it.

As for the Endangered Species Management Policy. The last I heard is that it is 
still in draft and waiting to be approved. Perhaps someone from DWNP can update 
the Forum as to its current status.



Rebecca Klein

Cheetah Conservation Botswana

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