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I just submitted WHEN MORNING BREAKS: COPING WITH MISCARRIAGE by Melissa Sexson Hanson. I've read this one completely through and all devotional headings have been protected. This was a hard one for me. I've had two miscarriages, and when I had my first two and a half years ago, naturally, I turned to Bookshare for books about it. I found nothing and vowed to change that as soon as I could. This is the first one I've done. I found myself crying through a lot of the devotionals I read here, so it's obvious I still have a long way to go in coming to terms with it, but that's why I wanted to do these in the first place. <smile> Anyway, the book jacket information is below. Couples who suffer a miscarriage often feel themselves to be alone in grieving. They do not have access to the rituals that provide closure for other kinds of loss. Friends and families frequently feel awkward around the couple, not knowing what to say or do to be helpful. Here, finally, is a book for grieving parents that acknowledges their pain and offers encouragement for the future. In these meditations and prayers based on biblical passages, Melissa Sexson Hanson writes honestly and movingly of her own grief during two miscarriages and of the difficulty of the recovery process. She also describes clearly the faithfulness of God's healing presence in her life, providing a sense of hope to all those seeking comfort after a similar loss.

Julie Morales
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