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Hi, all.

Storms of Change by Radclyffe is up on step one for your validating pleasure. 
The scan is very clean, earning a 99.8 rating from kurzy. All pages are 
present. Page breaks and chapter headings are protected, and headers have been 
stripped. If you need any assistance, contact me at:

Here's the synopsis:

Amidst war abroad and upheaval at home, Reese Conlon and Tory King face their 
gravest challenge to their life together.

In the continuing saga of the Provincetown Tales, Reese Conlon's obligations to 
family and country are put to the test as war engulfs the Middle East, while 
her partner Tory King must come to terms with the true price of love. While 
friends and family struggle with the fears and uncertainties of a world in 
strife, the small seaside town becomes home to newly arrived art gallery owner, 
Ricarda Grechi, a woman whose underworld family connections make danger her 
constant companion. Life doesn't get any safer when State Police Detective 
Carter Wayne takes a sudden interest in Rica, but it does get more complicated. 
When love, duty, honor and family are in conflict...four women and those who 
love them struggle to survive the unforgiving storms of change.


Who can heal, but one who has healed herself? 
Who can know, but one who has asked and sought? 
Who can lead, but one who has traveled the way?
--ancient French proverb 

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