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I just submitted THE UPSIDE OF DOWN: Finding   HOPE When   It   HURTS by 
JOSEPH  M. STOWELL. True to form, I've also read this one completely through 
and all chapter headings should already be protected. It should be an easy 
validation if you're interested in this kind of thing. The book jacket info 
is below:
Have you ever found yourself caught on a roller-coaster ride that you 
weren't standing in line for? If so, you'll appreciate the way that author 
Joe Stowell reminds you of the important truths you need to know that will 
help you hold on with certainty and stay on board, even in the ups, downs, 
and wild curves of pain and suffering.
The difference between a roller-coaster ride and trouble is clear. If we 
want to ride a roller coaster, we stand in line, eagerly waiting to enjoy 
the thrill; but trouble comes to us all, whether it takes the form of the 
death of a loved one, an illness, the untimely loss of a job, or the sudden 
break-up of a marriage. It's a "ride" that we would rather avoid, and none 
of us eagerly stands in line for it.
In The Upside of Down, Dr. Stowell presents tribulation as God's tool to 
prepare Christians for His use. Citing numerous passages of Scripture and 
the personal experiences of Christians who have suffered, Stowell explains 
that ordeals will come, but we can respond productively in the midst of 
trouble if we remember that there is an ultimate purpose behind our 
suffering and that the "end of the ride is God's responsibility."
Julie Morales
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