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I just uploaded Honor Bound by W.E.B. Griffin.
This is book 1 of the Honor Bound series, which is missing from the collection as the other 2 in the series are already there. I have to say that I only rated it as good, as the only copy I was able to come up with was from a used book store, and consequently not in pristine condition. This one was a miserable editing experience as it takes place mostly in Argentina, with some parts in New Orleans, thus introducing many Spanish, and some French, words which caused my spell-checker to have apoplexy. When I did the scan I had my secondary language recognition set to Spanish, and this was probably a bad idea. It did a wonderful job of recognizing the Spanish words, but it retained them in the Spanish font, which didn't do much for reading it in English. I guess this would come under the category of- Duhh! I went back and changed most of the words to an English font so it reads more fluently. Oh yes, let us not forget the German words too, as they also play an important part in the story! All in all however, it is a good read for military book fans, and it was a best-seller. Aside from the translation changes, I also did the usual removing of author and title headers, checked pages, retained page numbers, and checked for junk characters. There were 2 or 3 spots where the book showed a copy of a supposed mimeograph or newspaper article that the scanner just said enough is enough, and I removed the resulting garbage characters and noted their lack. The deletion however, didn't detract from the flow of the story, as they were either discussed before or after in the text. I hope I haven't deterred any, or all, possible editing candidates as it was a good read, and as I mentioned, it's missing from the series. In my next life, I'm planning on being either a used car salesman, or perhaps in insurance sales.


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