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I have just submitted Refuge by Gillian White for your validating pleasure. 
It's Kes rating was 99.65. There are a lot of British terms and slang that 
might cause the tools a bit of trouble. Find the synopsis below.

Shelley Tremayne, mother of various children by different fathers,

 loves all her kids with a fierce passion. But Joey, her eldest,

 has always been a bit of a problem. She has defended him when

the school has complained about his behaviour; made excuses for

 him when he has been rude or bullying or seemingly out of control.

But an eight-week-old baby in a pram, set alight by some rowdy youths - 
surely her Joey couldn't be involved in that? When the police arrive and 
take him away to be questioned, she has to endure the primitive hostility of 
a neighbourhood outraged by the death of an innocent little child.

The Tremayne family must leave home for a place of safety, and the 
authorities put Shelley in touch with the Boltons, a kindly farming couple 
who take in problem families and work miracles on them. On their remote 
Dartmoor farm Shelley and her kids find a refuge - fresh air, wholesome 
food, and a discipline which they have never known before. The children seem 
calmer, happier.

But many families have come to the Boltons' farm,

and not all of them have left it...


We are wise, not because we are women, but because we seek wisdom.

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