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Hi, everyone.

I just submitted a book called Tender Mercies by Rosellen Brown. It's a 
really good scan, and is in .rtf format. The synopsis is below.

Thanks in advance to whoever picks this up.


Laura and Dan Courser are a less than perfect, but deeply passionate couple 
with two young children and lots of plans. Until Dan, displaying the boyish 
bravado that made Laura fall in love with him, takes the tiller of a boat he 
can't handle and causes the accident that changes their lives forever. 
Suddenly there are no more ordinary days or nights, as two people wrestle 
with a marriage in which all the rules are changed, confronting the guilt 
and anger, fear and desire that can tear apart families and lives.


In Tender Mercies, the New York Times bestselling author of Before and After 
creates another heartbreaking portrait of a family in crisis-a haunting, 
unforgettable novel of love, loss, and healing.

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