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Hi, all. I just submitted BREAKFAST WITH JESUS, a devotional by the minister 
Greg Laurie. This book took me what felt like forever, but there were a lot 
of errors, no matter which settings I used. Well, it's done now, and the 
book jacket info is pasted below for anyone who thinks they might be 
interested in validating it for the site. Take care.
Start your day with Jesus and his disciples. Learn the spiritual lessons he 
entrusted to his closest friends.

In his open and engaging style, Greg Laurie encourages us to see Jesus 
through the eyes of his disciples-as a living, breathing, ever-present 
friend, mentor, and teacher. Eighty-four devotional chapters give us insight 
into the person of Jesus, the teaching of Jesus, and the promises of Jesus.

Julie Morales
Life is a gift from God. What we do with it is our gift to Him. 

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