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Hi, all.

I have just submitted, for your validating pleasure, All The Wrong Places by 
Karin Kallmaker. This is a lesbian romance, and definitely contains some 
adult content. It is in .rtf format, and headers have been removed. The 
synopsis is below.

Brandy Monsoon is looking for love. Since there's never a shortage of casual 
playmates at the tropical resort where she works, most of the time she gets 
it, too. And if Brandy tires of the perpetually curious - but primarily 
straight - women, there's always her best friend Tess for a friendly 

When an all-lesbian tour group arrives for a week, Brandy is sure she'll be 
in-paradise on earth. Among the guests is lesbian celebrity comic Celine 
Griffin, who has an obvious interest in an after-dinner Brandy. Celine and 
Brandy do find explosive pleasure together, - so why does Brandy feel as if 
that's no longer enough for happiness?

With days and nights so delicious... who cares about tomorrow?

In All the Wrong Places, Lambda award winner Karin Kallmaker spins another 
masterful tale of passion and love.


We are wise, not because we are women, but because we seek wisdom.

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