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Hello there everyone,

I have just submitted "Passport To Danger" (Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys SuperMystery No.19) by Carolyn keene. All pages and copyright info are present, page numbers preserved, spell check done, and headers removed. I'll include the back cover below.

This probably is no big huge deal, but my perfectionistic tendencies are showing. There is a minimal amount of Spanish in this book. The spelling is correct, but I don't know how to type the accent mark, or the little line thing above the N. so they aren't there. If someone feels like fixing those things, more power to you. If not, the book is absolutely readable as it is.

Dilsia, are you out there? Could you tell me, please, if you know how, to type accented letters in Spanish and the N with the line above it? I'm fine in braille, just never had to type them on a standard keyboard. Anybody know and feel like telling me how to do it? Thanks so much. And happy reading. Back cover below.


(Back Cover)

NANCY DREW has traveled to the charming Mexican
 town of San Miguel de Allende to help Helen and
 David Oberman avert a disastrous criminal scandal at
 their prestigious art school. The Obermans have
learned that the campus has become a focal point of
counterfeiters. Someone is producing bogus green
 cards, which will be used to exploit and smuggle illegal
aliens into the United States.
THE HARDY BOYS have also made their way south to
 visit the Perelis family in Mexico City. It began as a
pleasure trip, but when a priceless Mayan jade mask is
stolen from the Perelis art gallery, Frank and Joe get
down to business. Discovering an intriguing
connection between the theft and the forgers in San
Miguel, Nancy and the boys must act quickly to trace
the connection to its source and find the shocking
truth behind the ancient mask of mystery...

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