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I just submitted Mariette in Ecstacy.
 For the Sisters of the Crucifixion, each day is a ceaseless round of work, 
study, and prayer--one hardly separate from the other. Their daily life is 
itself an act of devotion, caught here in a series of events.
Into this idyll comes Mariette--young, pretty, devout, but, as her father says, 
perhaps "too high-strung" for the convent. Prone to "trances, hallucinations,
unnatural piety, great extremes of temperament, and, as he put it, inner 
wrenchings, Mariette scalds her hands with hot water as penance, threads barbed
wire underneath her breasts while she sleeps, and is convinced Jesus speaks to 
her. Her very glamour disturbs the gentle rhythm of the nuns' lives. But
when she begins bleeding from unexplained wounds in her hands, feet, and sides, 
the convent is thrown into an uproar. Is Mariette a saint? Or just a lying,
hysterical girl? Where do we draw the line between madness and faith, mysticism 
and eroticism, the life of the spirit and that of the world?
Book blog:
I have accepted a seat in the House of Representatives, and thereby have 
consented to my own ruin, to your ruin, and to the ruin of our children. I give
you this warning that you may prepare your mind for your fate.
John Adams
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