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Ooo! I was going to scan this book sometime because I loved it when I read
it a few years ago.  I just couldn't request it when I had other
interlibrary lones, so it kept not happening.  I'm surprised it was still on
the download page when I looked, because Star Trek books usually get
snatched pretty quickly.  I'll start reading it today.

Sarah Van Oosterwijck

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I just submitted
Uhura's Song; By Janet Kagan.  I scanned the book with Open book 702 and
saved it in rtf format.  The book scanned very well.  Here's a brief

Captain Kirk's starship "Enterprise" is orbiting

the planet Eeiauo, which is in the grips of a deadly plague

communicable to humans as well as to the cat-like Eeiauoans

themselves. Secret songs memorized years before by Lieutenant

Uhura may be the only hope for the inhabitants of the

planet--and for the "Enterprise" itself.

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