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Hi, all.

Reason to Believe by Kathleen Eagle has just been submitted to step 1. It got a 
99.6 rank spelling. Chapter headings and page breaks have been protected. 
Headers have been stripped. Watch out for slang, and the Lakota words that may 
trip up the spellchecker.

Here's the synopsis:

Young lovers from starkly different lives and worlds, Clara and Ben Pipestone 
came together in passion and in tenderness. But their marriage could not endure 
deception-or the betrayals of a tormented, searching soul. And now, though time 
and pain have torn them apart, they reunite for the sake of their troubled 
teenaged daughter-

embarking upon a rugged winter journey across sacred land in symbolic 
remembrance of Ben's Lakota ancestors...and to reclaim something beautiful but 
lost-and as eternal as the stars.

If you have questions, contact:



Who can heal, but one who has healed herself? 
Who can know, but one who has asked and sought? 
Who can lead, but one who has traveled the way?
--ancient French proverb 

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