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I've just submitted another Harlequin romance. This one is two novels in 
one, kind of romance and suspense. Both were very good. I've read this one 
completely through and corrected everything I could find. The book jacket 
info is below. Oh, yeah...and it's called UNDERCOVER SUMMER, with novels by 
Anne Stuart and Bobby Hutchinson. Anyway, now the book jacket:
Anne Stuart: The man who called himself Michael Dowd wasn't exactly what he 
seemed. Wherever Michael went, it seemed to Francey Neeley, danger followed. 
But she couldn't escape an attraction to him. He was trying to pry 
information from her on a terrorist group, a group that was trying to kill 
him-and her. Soon, Francey became swept into a world of death and deceit, 
and she couldn't stay away from Michael. Somehow they had won each other's 
hearts-a dangerous combination for both.

Bobby Hutchinson: Billy and her mother-in-law, Amanda, were thrilled to win 
a trip to Hawaii. Both were sorely in need of some sunshine in their lives 
again. But a mix-up at the hotel forced them into close quarters with a 
group of vagabonds, and Billy met Cosmo Antonelli. The disguised detective 
discovered Billy was everything he'd dreamed of, but she was also 
vulnerable. Circumstances were drawing them inescapably together, but Cosmo 
knew he had to let her go.
Julie Morales
Life is a gift from God. What we do with it is our gift to Him. 

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